“Live The Momemnt”

Its a popular saying, I hear it all the time.

How do you perceive you’r life? How do “live the moment”?

Does living the moment is just a cliche? Do we ude the wrong language?

We live the same moment very differently, just think about the first time you ever flew, and the then about you’r last time.

Did the miracle of human flight really changed? Or did I just got used to it?

Just stopped appreciating it?

Why do sometimes looking at the world around me makes me so happy and thankful ?

And why sometimes everything is just another noise in my head?

Is it good? Better this way?

Maybe, life is busy.

Would I like to appreciate life more?

Hell yeah! Life always moves too fast for me!

Does it matter? In the long run?

Is it good i’m still trying?

I will probably keep doing it, but am i just chasing a rainbow?

Maybe i’m just clinging to my youth.

…hmmm maybe i’m just a “hopeless romantic”?

I doubt it.

I think it is just my minf slowing the pace, trying to set some anchors along the way.

We do not really know how our mind works, so I can theorize all I want.

Sometimes it’s just an overbearing need to travel, to see the world.

Sometimes it’s the craving to learn more and faster,to do more and doubt less.

Its part of my nature, never getting fully satisfied.

Sometimes it’s the need to put my inside on a paper, so I wrote a few notes.

Maybe someone has a use for them…



“The Happy Wanderer”

For those of you who watch “Modern Family”, I saw a Youtube clip a while ago, one of those Top Ten clips. They were picking out their top ten manchilds in TV. The number four slot was given to Phil Dunphy from “Modern Family”. I started to think about this character and why they characterized him this way, and while I understand why people think this way, we need more Phil Dunphys.

Think about it, beyond the obvious things like the fact he is sweet and kind and goodhearted.

Ty Burrell’s Phil Dunphy has a certain kind of enthusiasm that is very rare with real adults. He clearly has a child like enthusiasm. Just the way his eyes lid up has or hears about an idea, that’s something time and life rob most people of.

The only other characters you see this kind of excitement from are the kids in the show. And although a lot of times it seems like their are embarrassed by his behavior, when the kids get excited by something you can see that spark in their eyes. And whether the actors do it consciously or their just young enough to still get that way, It doesn’t really matter.

The problem is that, for most people, as time passes this feeling of pure childish excitement, becomes a very rare occasion. And that’s a shame!

When Phil Dunphy gets an idea he is proactive and creative. He his willing to try and fail as long as it takes. And the icing on the cake is that he is motivated by pure curiosity and creativeness. Of course some of his idea are not the best, and things usually go wrong with his ideas. But first of all it is a TV show, and of course we should be more aware than a characterin a TV show. And despite of that don’t we all want to be a bit more like him? To be able to get excited from regular things the way we used to when we were kids?

With time we get cynical and indifferent, life just does that to people. Life can be very frustrating and it teaches some hard lessons even the most lucky of us. So don’t we need to be more like that crazy manchild, even more so because life can be tough?

It seems to me that forcing ourselves to be more like the “Happy Wanderer” , Phil Dunphy, will bring us some happiness. Just being able to get happy and excited from the little things like he does. Getting excited from our kids ideas even if we understand their not always the best ones.

I’m gonna try to be a little more like that.

Can’t promise anything though!


Billy. part 1

“Billy!!! Billy!!!!”

the shouts woke billy from his peaceful sleep on the hammock. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at his watch. he always looked at his watch before getting out of bed, although there was no real reason for him to know the time. It didn’t matter on the ship. He just figured it was a habit from a past life.

“I’m coming!!!” he shouted back. He slowly stood up, got dressed and pored himself a glass of water. He heard the familiar noise of tourist on board. “Excellent, another group!” He though to himself. He finished his water and went up the stairs. The hot eastern sun shun on his tanned face, he put his most charming smile and got on board.

In first glance he saw a pretty regular group, 2-3 families. A few of all age representatives. The ship had place for 24 guests. It was a family adventure trip. Billy loved working with families, No one got to drunk at nights and the adults usually helped the crew in maintaining order. On the other hand there was enough young people to do some rock diving or some light drinking at night.

“This is our first mate Billy” The captain introduced him and Billy bowed his head. He looked over the group. Typical tourist, american judging by the looks of the older ones. A few young boys eager to set sail and see their dreams come true. Two couples of elders, the men looked happy but the women probably were dragged in to this 3 weeks voyage. Three middle aged couples, the core of the family so to speak. And a few college girls on a trip with their family.

Everything looked pretty normal… And then he saw her. Standing among the college girls. He saw pretty tourist on his ship, some of them even were famous models as he learned afterwards, But this girl had something special that caught his eye. Billy decided to shake the feeling off and started his standard safety lecture.

After the lecture the crew showed the guest their quarters, they had a small lunch on deck, and set sail from koh pangan. All of the guests stood on deck and looked to the horizon while the captain steered the ship in to the ocean. It was a interesting sight indeed. The sun starting to set, the beautiful Siam islands everywhere the eye looks and the light warm breeze of the ocean on their faces. Billy stood in this moment so many times before, he couldn’t even count them, and still he didn’t understand what more could he ask for.