“Live The Momemnt”

Its a popular saying, I hear it all the time.

How do you perceive you’r life? How do “live the moment”?

Does living the moment is just a cliche? Do we ude the wrong language?

We live the same moment very differently, just think about the first time you ever flew, and the then about you’r last time.

Did the miracle of human flight really changed? Or did I just got used to it?

Just stopped appreciating it?

Why do sometimes looking at the world around me makes me so happy and thankful ?

And why sometimes everything is just another noise in my head?

Is it good? Better this way?

Maybe, life is busy.

Would I like to appreciate life more?

Hell yeah! Life always moves too fast for me!

Does it matter? In the long run?

Is it good i’m still trying?

I will probably keep doing it, but am i just chasing a rainbow?

Maybe i’m just clinging to my youth.

…hmmm maybe i’m just a “hopeless romantic”?

I doubt it.

I think it is just my minf slowing the pace, trying to set some anchors along the way.

We do not really know how our mind works, so I can theorize all I want.

Sometimes it’s just an overbearing need to travel, to see the world.

Sometimes it’s the craving to learn more and faster,to do more and doubt less.

Its part of my nature, never getting fully satisfied.

Sometimes it’s the need to put my inside on a paper, so I wrote a few notes.

Maybe someone has a use for them…


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